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Duke | Abe

About Duke

Duke is the newest addition to our family and breeding program. He will be ready to for studding in 2020. His personality is by far one of the best things I admire about him. He is very calm, level headed and tends to look before he reacts. Not to mention his overall breathtaking appearance. His coat is extremely soft. We look forward to starting his testing in the months to come and seeing his offspring in 2020.

Dukes Testing Results 

About Abe

We have had the pleasure of working very closely with Donna at Suwannee Goldendoodles by using her amazing stud Abe. He has now given us 15 adorable puppies with our girl Chloe. He is a very gentle and sweet boy. We look forward to working with Donna and Abe in the future. We truly have enjoyed working and learning from the best!

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