Graham is my first Goldendoodle and she is the sweetest girl. I did a lot of research and wanted a mini or medium size dog. She weighs approximately 25 lbs and is the perfect size. She has the friendliest personality and loves everyone. She has a beautiful, wavy coat that feels like velvet. She does not shed at all which is great since my son has allergies and I have asthma. She is super smart and learned commands quickly. I was so impressed with the family we adopted her from. She was around children from the very beginning which makes for a friendly and well-adjusted puppy. And a big bonus was that she was already crate trained when I brought her home at eight weeks. Our family loves our precious girl and adopting her was the best decision!
The Glenos Family

Some pics of Argo settling into life in Tennesee!! Day 3 and he is just darling. I thought the first weekend home would be a lot more stressful, but he’s adjusting amazingly well, using his puppy pads and picking up on commands very quickly. After the first night, he’s done a great job settling down in his crate at bedtime and pretty much sleeps through the whole night!
I know I have Ashley Fuller to thank you for getting this boy off to such a great start! Ashley was awesome to work with all the way through the adoption process – once I met her and the pups I knew I’d made the right choice getting on the list for this litter! I felt good knowing they were raised in a good family home and spent lots of time socializing and playing with her boys! Overall very happy with the decision and very glad to have Argo join my household!
Page Schmidt

The Parry Family From the moment we first spoke with Ashley about her puppies, to the day we picked up our Max was a very pleasant experience. We started with a conversation about the puppies, then quickly got access to photos. Ashley was well prepared and organized with the entire process of deposits, meeting the puppies, placing our pick of puppies, documentation and then the day we got our puppy, luckily the one we had seen and talked about from the very beginning. All our questions were answered quickly, and transition was easy with records, food and Max being ready to come home with us. Max is a happy, healthy, loving dog with great patience and love for the kids and the energy to keep up with them. He’s learned quickly, is mostly quiet unless he has something to tell us. All people are his friends, nothing scares him, but he let’s us know when he perceives any danger or stranger.

The Parry Family

A special thank you to Ashley Fuller (Dallas Doodles) for making our puppy adoption and the entire process seamless. She is so organized and provided us with all the information we needed and more for our first vet visit, she’s quickly answered our many questions, provided us with lots of advise on caring for our sweet boy! She even started crate and potty training and helped us easily continue. We couldn’t love our Finn more and are thankful to Ashley for all she does to make the transition as easy as possible.


The Monk Family - Alabama

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience finding our first dog. Ashley was not only informative and responsive, but also it was immediately apparent that she loved these puppies like her own. When we got Louie, he was already loving his crate, following commands, well on his way potty training, and well adjusted to kids and adults alike. It was clear that he had been given so much love in his first few weeks. He has the best temperament we could have asked for and he’s quite the looker too.

The Kiefer Family - Louisiana

I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am that I found Ashley and Dallas Doodles when I was researching where to get our first puppy! Being a first time dog owner I had a lot of questions and Ashley was so patient and helpful every step of the way. I was so happy to find a breeder that would not only keep the puppies in her home and begin socializing them with her 3 kids and 2 dogs, but also begin the crate training process to make the transition to our home easier and keep in touch and help out even after we took the puppy home. Now that we have our sweet Zoey home, we couldn’t be happier! Thanks to Ashley’s continued support (which consisted of daily phone calls and texts as I was a nervous new momma) and an amazingly smart pup she is now 14 weeks old, stays in her crate 8 hours at night, follows basic commands like sit, shake and stay and rarely has accidents. She is friendly to all the kids and adults and dogs that are continually coming by our home and we are all smitten and eternally grateful to Ashley! I have already referred two friends her way and if we decide to get a second puppy down the road I know exactly where we will go! Thank you Ashley Fuller!


The Rupp Family - Georgia

From the Thursday I learned about Ashley and her puppies to the day I picked my sweet Sadie up was an incredible experience. The easy, open communication and plenty of updates/reminders of what to do regarding deposits and paperwork made the process easy and exciting. When I went to pick Sadie up, Ashley had everything set up and prepared for me to make the day as amazing and heartfelt as possible. Plenty of pictures and paperwork were ready and the goody basket sent with me was perfect for my pup. The socialization of the puppies and the playtime with people definitely helped get Sadie used to being around other dogs and people. I have not had a single problem on that front and Sadie thoroughly enjoys making new friends! All-around, this has been a FLAWLESS experience with Ashley and the amazing work she does getting these puppies ready for loving homes.


The Christian Family - Georgia

We found Ashley and Dallas Doodles through the Goldendoodle Association of America. We were incredibly impressed by her professionalism, knowledge of the breed and care for her pups. We talked to a number of breeders and we’re so happy we chose Dallas Doodles! Ashley took the time to send us pictures and tell us what the pups were up to on a daily basis. She prepared us for everything we’d need for pup’s arrival home and made sure to review his medical records and testing as well as his parents when we arrived to pick him up. Our little guy is the perfect fit for our family and we have Ashley to thank for how well adjusted he is!


The Doiron Family - California

Our kids were dreaming about a puppy for some time. I was hesitant about it, since my son has mild asthma and a lot of respiratory allergies. I was worried that getting a dog would trigger his allergies even more. But I decided to try anyway, he also has autism so a golden doodle would be the best choice for our family, because it’s a kid friendly and hypoallergenic. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. We got White, a very sweet, playful and beautiful girl. She has brought so much joy to our family, a perfect addition and she hasn’t affected my son’s health. We our also so lucky to find Ashely and her family, she was super professional since the beginning. She answered all my questions, offered to help me with any future ones and gave me all the details about the puppy transition in general. That made me feel more secure about bringing White which became Mel to our home.

The Pereira Family